We present our unique line of COZY HOME cosmetics. For many years we have been creating it strictly from natural (plant) ingredients. Our product is free of silicones and parabens; this approach prevents any irritation and allergy effects. Our Russian customers for a long time have been fond of natural cosmetics COZY HOME. Now you also have a chance to try it.

Pleasures for body and soul from Cozy Home

It is important to note that all product samples are mandatory lab tested by in-vitro method and the quality of our goods is confirmed by certificates. We surely declare that COZY HOME beauty products are safe and can delight you every day.

Our product range includes 4 vibrant aromas: juicy strawberry, ripe mulberry, soothing lavender and tender sakura. Moreover, each of them covers a number of products: shower gel, cream soap and whipped body cream, bath bombs and foam, sea salt, body scrub, hand-made soap and hand cream.

If you decide to present it to your loved ones, for this reason we have included gift sets in our assortment. You will surely find what you need in our chain stores or COZY HOME online store. See for yourself.

How to make the right choice?

If your skin is dry see our Strawberry Cream line. Juicy strawberry seed oil will saturate your skin with vitamins and serve as a good moisturizer at any season of the year. Schisandra extract, which is also a part of the line, stimulates metabolic processes and provides strong rejuvenating effects.

Lavender line is best to use during winter period. It will help you moisturize and soften your skin as effective as possible. Thanks to grape seed oil, your skin will be smooth and energized, additionally the lavender and verbena flowers extracts will soothe and relieve inflammation.

If you want to make your skin toned you should give preference to Sakura & White Tea line. Extracts of tea tree leaves and sakura flowers are famous for their antiseptic and immune stimulating effects. They can also perfectly nourish and moisturize your skin.

Mulberry line is pretty good for problem skin since mulberry extract helps evening skin tone and removing age spots. It also has excellent anti-aging properties and makes your skin bright and naturally shining.

The decision on specific COZY HOME cosmetic line is up to you. However, our experienced sales assistances are always happy to help you and give advice.

We look forward to seeing you soon in our chain stores and COZY HOME online store!