Sleep is one of the important phases in a human’s daily routine and shall never be neglected. Your general state and energy for the next day activity depend on the quality of your rest. To make your sleep healthy and you feel fine, COZY HOME creates all necessary items: high-quality bedding, comfortable throw blankets, warm blankets, soft pillows, and everything you can dream of.

COZY HOME bed linen as a special form of art.

Every season the brand’s team carefully studies the latest global trends drawing inspiration from exhibitions and the runways around the world. Then the team carefully selects designs and draw collections. Each capsule includes elements of different designs: laconic and geometric, ornamental and fantasy. We do our best to satisfy all our customers.

However, choose not only by design or size, but also by fabric. Consider that plain fabrics with “coolness” effect are better for a warm period, and soft pile fabrics can warm and grant you additional comfort in wintertime. There are also universal fabrics, for example percale. It is comfortable to sleep on it at any season of the year.

What fabrics are COZY HOME bed linens manufactured from?

Only the best ones! First, COZY HOME bedding sets are produced from cotton. It is a world popular fabric material. It is no surprise because the result of production is a wear-resistant fabric with excellent thermal properties which make it comfortable to use at any time of the year. Besides, COZY HOME bedding sets are produced from satin and percale fabrics. They are the perfect choice for those who love premium plain fabrics.

Satin is our favorite fabric as it feels a lot like silk. Such silk-effect arises since satin is produced from fine folded spun yarn with surface density at least 120 g/m². Additionally, this fabric is lesser shrinkable and is not deformable. These satin’s properties are provided by special twisting technology of double-weave cotton thread and allow to extend the service life of COZY HOME bed linen.

One more fabric for those who most value bed linen for tactile sensations is percale. It is produced from denser yarn with surface density at least 112 g/m². Its tender, soft and velvety surface will surely charm you and you will enjoy sleeping. The technology of plain weave of this fabric (warp yarn and weft threads floating in every two consecutive overlaps) makes it durable, wear-resistant, and perfect for everyday use.

Treat yourself to comfort and coziness with COZY HOME bedding.