What can give a greater pleasure than a beautifully set table, delicious food, and good company? Even scientists have proved that these three factors improve appetite and pleasure in eating. That is why special attention should be paid to dishes, utensils, decoration, and other little things that help you create a harmonious composition on the table. To make the right choice and save your time go to COZY HOME stores where you can purchase everything you need just for one visit. Besides, you will always find interesting ready solutions. If necessary, our experienced sale assistances will advise whether a setting element shall be replaced or added to make your table setting perfect and marvelous.

COZY HOME tableware is your secret of perfect table setting.

Every season COZY HOME designers create a new product range that meets both world’s fashion trends and our customers’ needs. As a result, in all our chain stores or online store cozyhome.ru you can always find basic models and easily combine pieces with each other. We are also glad to offer exclusive models specifically designed for season.

COZY HOME always keeps up with the times.

That is why in our assortment includes the following global trends:
1. Popular materials – ceramics, porcelain, and glass.
2. Glassware of different colors. Our designers went even further and created a wide glass shades palette for various geometric and shaped glassware products.
3. Vintage. COZY HOME tea sets look particularly good in ventage design. Evaluate them yourself by visiting our store or “Dining room” website section.
4. Natural colors and shades. COZY HOME tableware collections designed in pastel and hushed color shades.

It should be noted that COZY HOME tableware collections, as well as the entire brand range, is created as capsules. The capsules can be different in shape, décor, color combination, by materials and their combinations: glass, ceramics, porcelain, wood, and metal. But we offer dinnerware designed as beautiful and interesting combinations of several materials: porcelain and bamboo, or porcelain and metal. How do you like this decision? Despite such a wide variety of tableware, all product items are still harmonizable with one another and you can try different shapes, textures, styles, and shades.

And do not forget decorating elements.

They will be appropriate for laying a table on any occasion, be it a quick breakfast, a family dinner, or a party. How can you decorate your table? For example, put one large vase with flowers in the center of the table or place several small ones on its surface. You can also add candle holders; in COZY HOME we offer over 50 types of them. Our product range of candle holders includes both sets and individual pieces, so you can create an unlimited number of combinations.

With COZY HOME it is easy to set your table beautifully and artistically. We have everything from utensils and the smallest decorating details to the most important attributes of any table setting – glasses, sets, tablecloths, napkins and so on. See it for yourself.